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Unit Preassessment Questions

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Mountain Age



Mountain A  is 4,800 feet tall, looks smooth and rounded, and is located in North America.  Mountain B is 19,280 feet tall, looks sharp and jagged and is located in South America.  Both mountains were originally formed by the uplifting of the Earth’s crust millions of years ago, are composed of similar material, and are found in similar climate conditions.


1.                   Mountain A is probably younger than Mountain B.

2.                   Mountain A is probably older than Mountain B.

3.                   Mountains A and B are the same age.


Describe your thinking and provide an explanation for your answer.


Is it a rock?


What is a rock?  How do you decide if something is a rock? 

cement block   dried mud   hardened lava   asphalt   glass

piece of clay   coral   limestone   iron ore   concrete   coal

brick   a gravestone   marble statue   granite


Explain your thinking.  What “rule” or reasoning did you use to decide if something is a rock or not?



Mountaintop Fossil



The Esposito family went hiking on a tall mountain.  Mrs. Esposito picked up a shell fossil on top of the mountain.  The fossil was once a shelled organism that lived in the ocean.  The family had different ideas about how the fossil ended up there.  This is what they thought.


Mrs. E: A bird picked up the organism and dropped the shell as it flew over the mountain.

Mr. E: Water, ice, or wind eventually carried the fossil to the top of the mountain.

Rosa: A mountain formed in an area that was once covered by ocean.

Sofia: The fossil flowed out of a volcano that rose up from the ocean floor.


Who do you agree with most?  Describe your ideas about how an ocean fossil could have wound on top of a mountain.l

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