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Mt Kelut, Indonesia, 1919

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Mt. Kelut, Indonesia

1919, May 19

Parker Wright

Mount Kelut erupted on May 19th 1919. It killed around 5,100 people. It is located near 4 different plate boundaries. It was a volcanoe the lied just below the surface of what looked like a crater. It bursted through the surface killing around 5,100 people in 104 small villages. It also sent many pieces of rocks and gas into the air.[1] It is not the most recent eruption from Mt. Kelut there have been a few eruptions since then. Including an eruption in 1990 and 2007. The one in 1990 was so powerful that it sent fragments of rock 7 kilometers into the sky along with pyroclastic an extremely hot gas that can reach up to 1,830 degrees Fahrenheit. [2] They did not have the technology back then to measure it and there were no first hand encounters where the person survived. The plate boundary where the eruption was closest to was a convergent. It was located near four different plate boundaries. This did have a pretty big effect on society. It did damage to 104 different villages near the volcano. The most recent event was an eruption in 2007 it was not a very deadly one though.









A picture of Mount Kelut. And the Mountain erupting.

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Cyrus Baker said

at 1:32 pm on Apr 2, 2010

very good buddy but learn how to spell volcano

coylem@... said

at 10:16 pm on Apr 6, 2010

Can you give us more info on the plate boundary and how this relates to plate tectonics? Remember this is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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