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Stromboli Volcano- Italy

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                                                  The Stromboli Volcano, Italy


     Stromboli Volcano, located in Italy above the subduction zone, is an ongoing, erupting, stratovolcano. It has been erupting continuously since 1932, and active for more than 2000 years. You can see the eruptions from a distance and last through the night, which is why they call it, "The Lighthouse of the Mediterranean." It's recognized volcano neighbors are Mount Etna, and Mount Vesuvius. [1]


What plate is Stromboli Volcano on?

It is located on the Eurasian Plate. The Eurasian and African plate cross-section and because it is on a subduction zone, it was right aboce the colliding plates. The land is pushed together from the convergent boundaries then once the land is formed into a volcano, it forces the lava down and then it stays there until it gets too pressured and has to burst. Like a pimple...[2]






Stromboli volcano eruptions are characterized by the fountaining of the basaltic lava from just one vent. Each eruption is caused by volcanic gases which only happen for a few minutes. This volcanoes eruptions sometimes have a pattern, but sometimes they are scattered; unpredictable which may be a negative to living or visiting near the volcano. Also, other volcanoes that have the same kinda of eruption as the Stromboli volcano, are calleed "Strombolian." [3]




Deaths and Injuries:

1919- "Stromboli ejected 30-60 ton blocks onto houses in San Vincenzo and Ginostra. Four people were killed and 20 injured. And a tsunami was generated."

1930- "A glowing avalanche approached S. Bartolo church. Another avalanche reached the sea down the Sciara del Fuoco. Three people were killed by the avalanche and a fourth by the boiling water. A tsunami was generated."

1986- "Lava flowed into the sea, forming a small peninsula at the NE end of the Sciara del Fuoco. A tourist was killed at the summit on 24th July 1986. The victim was 15 m from the crater rim and hit by a falling block."

1989- "Tourists at Stromboli volcano were hit by ejecta on 26th March 1989. The large eruptions occurred without warning, and highlight the dangers of close approach to volcanic vents. One tourist broke an arm while fleeing in panic."

2001- "Large blocks of lava landed at Pizzo sopra La Fossa (summit), with a maximum diameter of 40 cm. Ejecta hit a group of tourists a few hundred meters away from the vents, killing one person."

2003- " The large volume of rock crashing into the sea created two tsunamis, with wave heights of several metres. The tsunamis hit the villages of Stromboli and Ginostra, damaging buildings and boats and injuring several people. Six people were evacuated by helicopter to two hospitals on Sicily."

These are just some of the deaths and injuries I'm sure, but because it has been continuously erupting and also on an island, there might be less of a chance to hurt people because they know it erupts frequently and is far from next land. But, it does impact peoples lives by creating tsunamis, having boiled water near them, ashes falling on their town, and lava coming to their land, etc. [4]



If you want to see the Stromboli volcano erupt, click below.

















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Emily Vasseur said

at 6:21 pm on Apr 1, 2010

Kylie you were wrong. I love your page. It's really detailed and there are a few spelling mistakes in the 3rd or 4th paragraphs but over all I think it's really good. Write some more about the actually eruption please :)

williamk.2013 said

at 7:37 am on Apr 2, 2010

thanks em. :]

Erik Bertalan said

at 8:01 am on Apr 2, 2010

this is good kylie. i agree with emily though you need more information about the actual eruptions.

williamk.2013 said

at 8:06 am on Apr 2, 2010


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