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El Chichon, Mexico

Page history last edited by Nick Dettor 10 years ago

El Chichon

Nick Dettor

     El Chichon is located in Southeastern Mexico in Chiapas. It is a very small, but powerful volcano. This volcano was mostly known for its eruption on March 28, 1982. Between March 28th and April 14th, El Chichon had erupted 3 times, killing 1,880 people living close to El Chichon. Chiapas was heavily effected by the eruption because it ruined many crops and livestock. This Volcano effected the earth by releasing sulphur dioxide into the stratosphere. This caused a decrease in the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface of the earth. The erruption also left a 1 km wide, 300 m deep caldera (crater). This crater has a crater lake in it which is filled with acid liquid due to dissolved minerals, and light-colored ashy sediment continually stirred up by boiling areas. 

     Mexico is near the edge of the North American plate at a convergent boundary meeting up with Cocos Plate and that could of influenced the eruption. El Chichon is still effecting our earth today. Major pyroclastic (volcanic rock) erosion has taken place in Chiapas from time to time since the eruption.[1]












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Comments (1)

Jared said

at 8:10 am on Apr 2, 2010

Hey nick this is a nice story. I really didn't know anything about the EI Chichon and the fact that this is still effecting the earth now is the scariest thing about it. Your Volcano was a very destructive I have to say, because of the fact of it erupting three times. I didn't see any thing that you were missing so great job and nice choice of volcano.

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